Andy (andrd15) wrote,

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boo boo.

Remember me? the one who fell so long ago, well now I rise, so high above i'm letting go,
these trying times call for dying rhymes to hide the world from prying eyes, a couple eyedrops later i'm eye'n the prize,
full speed forward I got my foot on the gas, waiting for the next turn cause i'm ready to pass, no lookin back not even through my rear view,
i'm leavin a trail of dust on a path thats new, i'll never compramise myself again, especially not for you, remember me? the one who used to cave under the pressure, now i'm in it to win it I see you grimmin' with dis pleasure, I put my pride on the line I got more courage than you could measure, I got my middle finger up mean muggin cause' I don't give a fuck, I got you stuck in place regurgitating all the words that spill from you're face, how's it taste I told you you would get your's I've had revenge gushing from every pour, i'm a disease you just can't cure.
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