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the only thing i love is my glass friend

i can't put it down

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7 January 1985
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my name is Andrew, I am 22, almost 23, single, and on my way to boot camp to change my life forever, I used to be a huge stoner but am not anymore, I love my best friends (you know who you are, bitches) and love drinkin' some beers with em' as well, I am not a cigarette smoker anymore, i really love playing drums, bass, some guitar and writing my "poetry" as I always have, as of september I will once again disapear for about 5 months for basic training and AIT but then i'll be back home, as a soldier, so my profile will change once again.

My pet peeve : People who don't like midgets.

Soon isn't so far away.

I hate ignorance, I really do, I wish there was a cure for it, and arrogance to.

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