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throw yo sets up

livejournal whasup! I just went through alot of my old entries..... haha, wow, I love it, I have not forgotten about the whole LJ thing, and I really do need to hop on here more often, after all, LJ started this whole post yourlife on the internet craze. It's hard to explain me lately, it seems as though theres a fire fire burning deep within me, and it won't go away, but that's a good thing. so i've started doing this whole rap thing, which is fun, and no i'm not trying to be a gangsta, my inner metal head still runs rampid in me, but I just like the whole making beats process, it's so different but the same, I really dig expressing myself vocally in the hip hop scene to, it's so much different and a little easier than screaming in a metal band, you can find links to some of my stuff on my myspace, but beware, it's the first 3 songs I made ever so they're not the best, however, the stuff me and my people have been working on is straight FIRE, so yeah... I just wanted to get on here and mess around for a bit, I miss it.
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