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alright, so this wings series is buggin' me, malkin looks like shrek, so I guess that makes crosby his princess fiona, crybaby ass little bitch.
Anyhow, life lately has been kinda shitty, but I don't stress about little things anymore, being alive is good enough for me, so far June has been a wee bit chilly, which sucks cause I love me some june, almost as much as I like eating pussy(see: Nick Lange) haha. been working on some pretty dope ass tunes as well, programming wise on the computer, not writing metal which most people assume I still do, i'm done with that bullshit, working on the hip hop beats and house music is where it's at for me, that shit's so effing challenging, i'm working to get some shit done so I can put it out for everyone to get down to, and yeah, ya'll will get down to it, I like to call my style of beat making "neckbreaker" cause' it's just straight up relentless, hmmm, i'm out of shit to say now.

ARock out, bitches.
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